Drawing for “First Light Tour” at NASA-Goddard, personally led by 2006 Physics Nobel Laureate, Dr. John C. Mather

A drawing will be held for 6 lucky people (and a guest for each) to take part in a specially-arranged “First Light Tour” on a date in March to be announced.  This private tour of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center will be personally led by Dr. John C. Mather, 2006 physics Nobel Laureate.  Dr. Mather’s research, all but confirming the Big Bang Theory of the expansion of the physical universe, helped inspire the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) which is currently under construction at NASA Goddard.  When launched in 2018, the Webb Telescope—100 times more powerful than the Hubble telescope—will be used to image the very first bright objects that formed after the Big Bang, and to learn about our cosmic history, how planets were formed, how life became possible on Earth, and whether earthlike planets and life may be common in the universe. (Tour Date: a Sunday in March, TBD)

Science, Evolution, and Creation - 4 Copies


The development of the human species is one of the most fascinating stories that archaeology helps to tell. It is also a story that has become one of the most distorted and controversial. In an effort to untangle the misinformation, the National Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Medicine have published Science, Evolution, and Creationism (2008) a brief--only 70 pages--overview of the science behind the theory of evolution intended for non-scientists.

Thank GOD for EVOLUTION - 2 Copies


Michael Dowd may be the most optimistic person you’ll ever hear or read.  Dowd is an evangelist for the marriage of evolution and…..everything. Religion. Philosophy. Psychology. Politics. Human relationships. Education. Child-raising. Environmentalism. Marriage.

(See short video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nTPyL-G2gk)

Daddy, is that story true or were you just preaching? – 2 copies


Popular author James W. Moore recalls how several years ago, while delivering the sermon at his church one Sunday morning, he had told a moving story about a boy and his dog. The author’s then-five-year-old son, Jeff, was fascinated by the story, but feeling a bit uncertain about some of the details of it, during the family’s car ride home from church, Jeff asked his father,  “Daddy, is that story true, or were you just preaching?”  Highly amused by Jeff’s question, Jim Moore went on to explain to his young son that there are two kinds of stories: TRUE stories, stories that happened factually in history; and TRUTH stories, stories like Jesus’ parables, which are shared to underscore a dramatic truth in life.

The Very First Light - 2 Copies


In a top-notch scientific adventure, 2006 Nobel Prize-winning astrophysicist John C. Mather, with an assist from freelance writer Boslough, tells how, as chief project scientist, he organized the team that designed, built and oversaw NASA's 1989 launch of the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE). That satellite's instruments provided data widely believed to have verified the Big Bang theory of the universe's creation in a primordial explosion.  Noted theoretical physicist, Steven Hawking, called the background cosmic variations discovered by Mather and his team "the most important discovery of the century, if not of all time." (Adapted from Publishers Weekly)

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