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You are invited! This event will be held on the Sunday Evening of "Evolution Weekend", February 9, 2014, 6:00pm to 8:45pm at the United Methodist Church Baltimore-Washington Conference Mission Center (11711 East Market Place, Fulton, MD). Come, listen and participate in this interfaith event! Enjoy expert presentations, fellowship and discussion with others interested in questions of truth, meaning, mystery, evidence and story, and in the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of religion and science.  Ample free parking is available at the conference center.  Come and Go as you are able.


Dr. Stephen Freeland:

NASA Astrobiology Institute & Director of Interdisciplinary Studies, Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County. Research  focused on the roles of chance vs determinism in the origin and evolution of genetic coding.

Dr. Ilia Delio:

Franciscan Sister of Washington; Senior Fellow in science & religion at Woodstock Theological Ctr, Georgetown Univ.;  Winner of 2000 Templeton Course Award in Science and Religion; Author of several books including “Christ in Evolution.”


Dr. Richard Restak, MD:

Practicing neurologist and Prof. of neuropsychiatry, GWU; Author of “Premeditated Man: Bioethic and the Control of Future Human Life” and 15 other books; Popular guest expert appearing on science, news and education radio & TV programs.



M. Catherine Bennett, PhD:

Board Member, Inst. for Science & Judaism. Cate is a neurobiologist with over 30 years research experience, currently serving as a Scientific Review Officer at NIH. She has a life-long interest in fundamental questions about the origins and meaning of our existence, viewed through the lens of physics, cosmology, biology & religion.


“First Light Tour” at NASA-Goddard

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Physics Nobel Laureate: Dr. John C. Mather

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Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for Evolution Weekend–MD 2014

Rick Barr

Background: Member, Damascus United Methodist Church;  Founding Board Member of WesleyNexus; Seminary student; Board Secretary, WesleyNexus, Inc,; Founder of The Montgomery County Science and Religion Discussion Group since 1999; Participant in Metanexus Grant; IRAS Discussion Group; Contact: wesleynexus@aol.com.


Thomas Burnett

Background: Web editor at The BioLogos Foundation; Templeton Foundation grant recipient for Scientists in Congregations; Member of Church of the Advent (Anglican church in DC). Current: Communications Associate at The National Academy of Sciences; MA and Ph.D. candidate in History of Science at University of California, Berkeley; BA in Philosophy at Rice University.

Contact: tomfiatlux@gmail.com


Margaret Mattson

Background: Catholic; Current member of Christ Church, Kensington MD; Research Scientist, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration;  BA (Biology/Chemistry) Holy Family University,  Philadelphia, PA;  Ph.D.(Neuroscience/Psychology) Cornell University, Ithaca NY; Postdoctoral coursework in Public Health/Epidemiology.

Contact:  mem.home@gmail.com;


E. Maynard Moore

Background: Current President of WesleyNexus, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to the dissemination of sound information about the dialogue between science and religion within the Wesleyan tradition in the 21st century. Maynard has been involved in the science and religion dialogue for about ten years through the DoSER program coordinated at AAAS, and also in an on-going dialogue group in the Washington Theological Union. During 2001-2002 he coordinated a series of sixteen formal sessions at Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church in Washington DC that involved prominent scientists, including seven Nobel Laureates, among them Dr. Charles Townes, Dr. Julius Axelrod, and Dr. William Phillips

Contact: emaynard8@yahoo.com.


Gary B. Sherman

Background: Chair of the Local Organizing Committee for Evolution Weekend-MD 2013 & 2014; Vice President, Joyful Noise Ministries, Inc; Member of Oakdale Emory UMC; Retired faculty, Universities of Illinois and Nebraska Veterinary Bioscience departments; Current: National Program Leader for Veterinary Science and Medicine, National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), USDA; MS (Cell Biology); Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM; Food Supply Veterinary Medicine), PhD (Molecular Genetic Science & Technology, Food Animal Reproductive Pathology);

Contact:  garybsherman@verizon.net .


Wendel Thompson

Background: Member, Bethany United Methodist Church, Ellicott City; Lay Delegate to Annual Conference; Retired statistician from US Department of Energy; key person and pantry manager for FISH of Howard County, an emergency assistance program; Lay co-chair of PATH (People Acting Together in Howard), an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation like AIM in Montgomery County; Contact: wendelth@yahoo.com.


The LOC thanks Professor Tom Manuccia and Jacen Sherman for their expert visual media, IT and web design support, Ricky Shaw for BWCC facilities and AV support and the UMC BWC for providing the venue.


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